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How does biGObiTV work?

biGObiTV is a FREE membership-driven website that streams educative media about Africa. Members only pay for the movies that they want to watch but the shows, events, and many other videos are available at no cost. This means that you can watch every episode of any program available all year for free.

Can I advertise on biGObiTV?

Yes. Please use the Contact Us page and select "Advertise" subject option and tell us about your product. A representative will contact you.

How can I give a feedback?

You may use the Contact Us page and select "Feedback" subject option to tell us what we can do to improve or serve you better; or what you like about biGObiTV.

Where is biGObiTV available?

biGObiTV is available anywhere that there is Internet connection.
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How fast should my Internet be?

The minimum required connection speed is 0.5Mbps, but the faster the connection, the better the video quality and steaming experience. All videos are in high definition will play in 720p so we recommend a fast enough internet connection around 5.0 Megabits per second. Based on your connection speed, however, we may serve you with a lower quality video to avoid a slow response.

Can I stream my own media on biGObiTV?

Yes. As long as your video is something educative, we would be glad to use biGObiTV as a platform for you to showcase your work. You may use the Contact Us page to notifiy us about your interest. On the "Subject" please select "Inquiry" option.

How many devices can I use at the same time?

There is only one instance of login per individual. If you are logged into one device, you would need to log out of that device before logging into another. This is to prevent logging into one device for somebody and then logging into another for oneself. Membership is Free so we recommend everybody to have their own account.


  • If God wants them in flames; then who are we to judge?

  • During the Westgate shopping mall attack, terrorists did not care which tribe victims came from. They died as one - as Kenyans.

  • It is time we recognize and embrace the importance of women's leadership in Africa.

  • Many Africans stay away from home till death, and then sent back in caskets. Has Africa become a cemetary?