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biGObiTV is a medium that streams Movies, TV Shows, Events, and many other videos over the Internet. It's parent company, biGObi, is a multimedia company based in Dallas, Texas, specializing in independent film production, web design, and event marketing. Founded in 2011, biGObi has become the GOTO source for all things African.

In addition to providing a platform where many other production companies can showcase their work, biGObiTV will stream all the movies, TV shows, news, and special events coverage by biGObi Productions. Some of the movies by biGObi are: Lost in Abroad, False Engagement, African Time, Weeping Ashes, and The Other Tribes. All of our released movies are currently being used as reference materials for African Studies in several Top American Universities. Some of them are listed on the World Catalog website. Simply search for "bigobi" and follow the results. In addition, each film has won awards from various organizations and film festivals.

biGObiTV Shows include: On The Pulpit, Africa Talk Show, The Black Pot, Our Teenagers, Night to Laugh, and Weekly Africa.
ON THE PULPIT comprises of non-dinominational sermons by preachers from various African countries. AFRICA TALK SHOW features a panel of female personalities with unique perspectives that are brought to life through thought provoking conversations. THE BLACK POT is a cook show that documents the process of making various African cuisines. OUR TEENAGERS is a reality show that explores some of the challenges that African-born teenagers face with their immigrant parents abroad. NIGHT TO LAUGH is a comedy show that features various comedians and provides a platform for upcoming talents. AFRICAN MUSIC SHOW features videos of various musicians from across the continent. WEEKLY AFRICA is a segment that recaps Africa-related news over the week.


  • If God wants them in flames; then who are we to judge?

  • During the Westgate shopping mall attack, terrorists did not care which tribe victims came from. They died as one - as Kenyans.

  • It is time we recognize and embrace the importance of women's leadership in Africa.

  • Many Africans stay away from home till death, and then sent back in caskets. Has Africa become a cemetary?